The Graphic Garden

The Graphic Garden

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By Keith Williams


THE GRAPHIC GARDEN is the first monograph from Keith Williams, a partner, along with Mario Nievera, of Nievera Williams Design, one of the country's leading landscape architecture firms.

Based in South Florida, Williams has been designing sumptuous outdoor spaces for over 20 years. THE GRAPHIC GARDEN highlights his most impressive projects to date, which include the revitalization of several historically landmarked homes and properties. His designs integrate native and exotic plants, opulent swimming pools, mature trees, vibrant foliage, and expert stonework. Elegant variations introduce whimsical pool cabanas, a vertical garden wall, a loggia inspired by the architecture of Bermuda, Moorish-tiled fountains, and stone-paved motor courts. In showing the before and after transformations and process of these monumental design projects, the book highlights the author's dedication to sustainability, and his efforts to honor the natural, existing landscape while never compromising the distinctive design. As Williams recounts, "I design gardens that give back, that are forward-thinking, that can calm, that have emotion, each with its own scale and texture, and that change and provide experiences and human interaction. Keith L. Williams, a partner of Nievera Williams Design Incorporated, based in Palm Beach, Florida, joined the firm in 1998. Originally from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Williams has spent the past 30 years living in South Florida, where he resides with his wife, Nicole Williams, and daughter, Colette. Keith also has two older sons, Maxwell and Logan Williams. Keith Williams is involved in a wide range of projects, both designing and managing residential and commercial projects in Palm Beach and Miami Beach, Florida, as well as in New York, New Jersey, the Bahamas, Antigua, Shanghai, China, and Dubai.

Hardcover 216 Pages / 11" X 11.875"