Halcyon Rollerball Perfume

Halcyon Rollerball Perfume

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A scent that brings you back to the halcyon days of summer. Sexy black currant mixes with fig to give you a sweet, juicy fragrance. Notes of amber and musk round out the fragrance to make it perfect for any season. 

The stone of love! Rose quartz opens your heart to receiving all kinds of love. Helping to restore trust and faith in your relationships.

Designed with you in mind. Our fragrances are handcrafted to work with everyones body chemistry. They can be worn alone, or layered to make your own personal scent. Wear on pulse points, right below the ear lobes, wrists and front and back of neck.

  • Take Care

    Make sure to store your fragrances upright, and take extra care when closing the cap tightly. 

  • Ingredients

    Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Parfume